First Responders – We Thank You!

We give thanks to God for you. You exemplify for us and for the next generation, the values of courage, service and commitment. You do not seek or wish our recognition, but we at Gabbert Chiropractic Center want to say THANK YOU for all you do, quietly, faithfully, each day to make our community safer and stronger.

In appreciation of the men and women that serve our community, we would like to offer ALL “First Responders” a 50% discount on spinal manipulation adjustments during their active service in Payson and surrounding areas. We look forward to “Giving Back” to YOU.

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“Community Outreach”

33At Gabbert Chiropractic Center we focus not only on you, but also giving back to the community in which we serve.

Charitable Giving
A portion of all proceeds will go towards Charitable Giving by investing in community projects and non-profits that can make a difference in the area we call home.

Hunger Relief
To assist and serve in Hunger Campaigns, to encourage people to KNOW the scope of hunger in their own communities and get involved in relief efforts.

The Greater Need Exist
We hope that our efforts will inspire our colleagues and neighbors to join us in supporting the First Responders of our community, The Humane Society and other Organizations in need.