Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), or muscle stim, is a chiropractic therapy typically applied to a patient who has a lot of pain or spasm in the area of injury or complaint. When electrical muscle stimulation is performed, mild electrical current is applied to cause fast contraction to the muscles. Electrical muscle stimulation gives the patient a tingling sensation, which for most is very soothing.

The fast contractions of the muscle experienced during this chiropractic therapy help to fatigue the muscle and allow it to relax, settling the spasm. The fast contraction also causes the body to release endorphins. The endorphins are the body’s natural pain killers, and so they help to reduce pain sensation to the area

What is Intersegmental Traction or Roller Table?

Intersegmental traction table or roller table is used in chiropractic care. This table helps in gently re-establishing the normal ranges of the body’s spine. Intersegmental traction table helps in relaxing the muscles and reducing the muscle spasms. Using Intersegmental traction table daily promotes recovery and healing process from a back injury. The intersegmental traction table or roller table allows changing the contact pressure of the roller either manually or electrically. Intersegmental traction tables are very beneficial in providing relaxation to a patient and are very useful devices for Gabbert Chiropractic Center.

Benefits of Intersegmental Traction or Roller Table

• The intersegmental traction table gently elongates the postural muscles of the spine in a comfortable and uniform manner so that the normal joint movement, mobility and circulation are restored. The patient lies supine or face up on the table which has rollers beneath the surface. These rollers slowly move up and down the length of the spine.

• The roller table has many adjustments which can be done depending upon the patient’s comfort.

• There is a vibrating feature which may be activated which causes the rollers to give a massage effect. Many patients find this extremely relaxing and beneficial. Intersegmental traction table helps in increasing blood flow and oxygen to discs, ligaments and muscles thus enhancing balance, mobility and strength. It also helps in restoring the correct spinal curves and increases circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid.

• The intersegmental traction table helps in re-establishing the normal range of motion of the spine in a very gentle and effective manner. It also aids in reducing the muscle spasms thus providing relaxation to the muscles.

• The intersegmental traction table can treat body of all sizes, shapes, and weights in an equal and effective manner including children.

Heat Packs

Heat therapy is a treatment used to help relieve pain and muscle stiffness.  It is commonly used to reduce long-lasting or chronic pain.  Dr. Gabbert utilizes heat therapy in conjunction with other treatments when indicated.

Heat therapy causes blood vessels in the treated areas to dilate resulting in increased blood flow. Sore stiff muscles may relax and become more flexible and the increased blood flow may promote healing.

Massage Therapy

Dr. Gabbert prescribes massage therapy for his patients who need additional soft-tissue treatment. He also believes that many of his patients benefit from the stress-reducing effects of massage therapy.

Deep tissue massage is an important part of the treatment of many painful conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, and pain in the lower back, shoulder, neck, hip, knee and elbow.Those patients who benefit from additional soft tissue therapy will be referred out to a licensed message therapists who works closely with Gabbert Chiropractic Center referrals.

Those patients who benefit from additional soft tissue therapy will be referred out to a licensed message therapists who works closely with Gabbert Chiropractic Center referrals.